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Commission plans & Recruiting

Commission Table: Agent’s split % Firm costs Sale or Lease transaction fees* E&O*
Mentor Plan S/50%
$0/Yr, $0/Mo $0(Sale) or $0(Lease) yes
Leads Plan S/70%
$0/Yr, $0/Mo $0(Sale) or $149(Lease) yes
│Independent Plan S/90%
$0/Yr, $0/Mo $0(Sale) or $149(Lease) yes
Veteran Plan S/100%
$0/Yr, $0/Mo $450(Sale) or $150(Lease) yes
  • The ‘Mentor plan’ is for new Agents, or Agents that need fresh direction in real estate sales. Are you coach-able? Because having and listening to a successful Agent as a mentor/coach is necessary in helping you find your path to consistent real estate closings. Agents with under 2 years of licensing or agents with questionable experience are required to complete at least 6 real estate closings with an approved mentor; before being considered for any other compensation plan.
  • The ‘Leads plan’ is for ambitious, relatively experienced Agents with proven sales experience. You’ll need to be dedicated to a full time real estate career, and efficiently follow up with prospects, contract clients, and successfully close real estate deals.  
  • The ‘Independent Plan’ is for Agents who are business independent, and do not need mentoring or heavy guidance. You must have proof of experience in running a successful real estate business. This is a popular plan for experienced part time Agents. You must be licensed for at least 5 years, before being considered for this plan.
  • The ‘Veteran Plan’ works well for experienced Independent Agents, who want 100% of their commissions, but still would like to feel all the love of a modern and active brokerage. You must have at least 9 active years of real estate licensing up until application date.

*Two family transactions allowed per year at 90/10 split  for ‘mentor plan’  and  ‘Leads plan’.   Commission plans may change, only our Independent Contractor agreement locks your official compensation terms in. E&O and transaction fees are deducted on each closing on the DA and are explained further on your Indpendant Contractor agreement’s fee addendum. See broker for complete details

Careful Recruiting, because we can’t afford to just hire anyone.

R e c r u i t   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t…   H i r e   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t…
D e v e l o p   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t…   R e t a i n   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t

How you can get paid for recruiting your business savvy friend?? Example:”Jim”

You recruit Jim. Jim and you are both licensed and sponsored by us. We pay you 35% of what ever Jim your recruit does, we receive 15% and Jim earns 50% of his commission for his first 8 deals. Then Jim moves into leads plan and you still earn 10% of what he does. You can’t find a better recruiting incentive than this! But just because you recruit them, does not mean that we will hire them, so make sure you have screened anyone you send our way. Recruiting done right could easily double your income, so start recruiting.

Characteristics of a successful career agent are…

  • Well educated, Financially secure, Full-time
  • Logical, Psychologically mature, Competitive
  • Trustworthy, Quick-witted, Experienced in sales
  • Intense, Aggressive, Technology–savvy
  • Business-savvy, Team player, Mild-mannered
  • Family-oriented, Ethical, Honest
  • Well spoken, Punctual, Humorous
  • Hungry, Willing to learn, Fun-loving
  • Professional, Well dressed, Intelligent
  • Spiritually balanced, Charismatic, Has a great work ethic
  • Energetic, Talented presenter, Goal oriented
  • Organized, Emotionally stable, Highly enthusiastic
  • Self-disciplined, Risk-taking, Persistent
  • Practical, Decisive, Well adjusted
  • Optimistic, Energetic, Poised
  • Socially interactive, Focused Discerning
  • Communicates well, Opportunistic, Good problem solver
  • Great memory, Detail oriented Patient

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