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Hiring full time REALTORS®

“Be a full time REALTOR® and fast track to your financial independence.”

be a full time real estate agentLooking for seasoned REALTORS® who need a better brokerage.

Welcome! We appreciate the interest in our Texas Real Estate network. In order to conduct independent contractor business through us; you must be a member of your area’s Local Board of REALTORS®, a NAR member, a TAR member and be signed up with the local MLS, . You have within 30-60 days to acquire these memberships from sponsor date. Your TREC licensing must be ready, and with out any pending disciplinary acts.

TREC Licenses REALTOR® with 2 years or less, must be in the mentor plan(If you are new to real estate, here is the process of REAL ESTATE SCHOOL;  and details about acquiring a real estate license.)

We require the following; in order to work as a full time REALTOR/ Agent:

  1. You must be honest, highly motivated, self disciplined, a people person, have past sales experience and confidence in your knowledge of real estate
  2. A bedroom designated for work only, whether it is at your home, or an office building
  3. All-in-one scanner/ copier/printer which is capable of feeding at least 20 pages of paperwork into a scanner smoothly
  4. A large, current wall map of your farming area in Austin and surrounding central TX
  5. A working Desktop and/or laptop with sufficient internet service
  6. You must have a Gmail, with a real estate relevant handle name. sign up free >> Gmail
  7. A smart phone able to receive email notifications from Gmail and a work oriented message on your voicemail
  8. At least 2 local board approved real estate lockboxes.  (Buy on craigslist or you local board)
  9. Place a sign order for at least 2 Original discount REALTOR® signs
  10. A Camera of at least 10 mega pixels or higher and appropriate picture editing software installed on your computer.
  11. A respectable, clean car, with working AC and Heat, without any major body damage, or over opinionated bumper stickers. Car magnet or a Car wrap are optional, Check with your insurance carrier.
  12. Casual Business attire, We don’t wear suits or ties and don’t expect that of you. NO ripped Geans, Tshirts, tennis shoes, workout clothes, sweats, flip flops, baseball hats,…  use good judgment, and keep your client’s comfort level in mind

Full time real estate agent careers

Open your own FIRM as a Branch Office. (limited regions) Be a part of our network anywhere in Texas.

are YOU Ready to work full time on your real estate career?

Submit the following paperwork to originaldiscountrealtor@gmail.com.

1. Current RESUME and HEADSHOT

2. A minimum 200 word, typed short, about why you think you should be part of the Original Discount llc, REALTOR® network. Include the area you intend to work, what you see yourself doing, a little bit of relevant work history, which is not already apparent on your resume; and include why you think you are a good fit for this company.

Once your resume is received, you will get a reply from us and a time to video chat or a personally interview will be arranged. **Not every person submitting paperwork gets an interview scheduled. Hiring choices are made off essay content and relevant work experience. **We are selective about who we hire.  Real Estate is not for the shy or the part timer.

What to expect as a REALTOR®?

We give REALTORS the online tools, supportive upper management, advertising and ongoing education to grow a successful long lasting business. Our successful concept has self propelled our real estate business. Listing property is generally less time consuming then being a buyer’s agent. There is also the opportunity to make much more commission through intermediary status, then you would make as a buyer’s agent, which is representing both sides of the real estate transaction.() Buyer agent representation is very rewarding but at times seems that the ‘do it yourself’ attitude in the modern buyer has  made buyer representation a little less consistent.  We focus on motivated sellers because if you need to sell, well you need to sell. We offer an efficient service that sellers are attracted to. Most real estate companies will take you if you have a license and good intentions, they will offer training and also charge you a lot through commissions for doing so. We don’t care what the other guys are doing. We have an effective system, with only a few agent spots available in certain area markets. Our goal is to have you with us long term, and grow our business together through combined success. If we do not believe you will be successful, we will not hire you. Our success is largely based on our agent’s success, our advertising method,s and clients looking for great services at a discounted cost.

“What are the  pros & cons  of having a REALTOR®’s career?  

Hired agents will RECEIVE A REAL ESTATE WEBSITE  for individual use, which will include instructions and training on how to operate your website. Here is the list of domain names that are currently available. The website will be optimized to show up on search engines when people search you, or properties you are selling.

There will be weekly sale’s meetings Sunday evenings from 4pm- 6pm.  Preferably you make it every Sunday, but 2 out of 4 will be required.   Each week at the meeting you will receive instructions on how to further your career and get legal and ethical updates.  During the Sunday meetings you will have time to ask questions, knowledge sharing, and marketing/advertising tips. You will also be able to sign up for phone duties (office phone is forwarded to your cell). We give you the knowledge to grow your business, all you have to do is apply what you are learning to your daily activities.


The second real estate deal you close with us, you will receive a free top of the line, Bluetooth, from Jawbone. Retails at 12o.00$ and a Certificate of achievement from us. 

5th real estate deal closed you receive a free iPad 2 16GB with Wi-Fi – White or Black, retails over 500.00$

(We expect REALTORS to keep up with modern technology)

Chose one of our Compensation Plans

How you get paid:  For all sales: You will fill out a 1 page, Disbursement Authorization form (DA) and send to Original Discount llc., REALTOR®. The DA form is then approved by us, and sent to the title company or attorney that is closing the deal, a day or two before the deal is ready to close. The real estate transaction is considered done when all signatures have been received, and the title company and Lenders have funded. You will then be paid directly from the title company, with a check written out to your name or dba. See our commission fee schedule and initial costs when joining us. For all leases: we will be cutting you the check.

** We recommend at least 30% of your net commission, should be put in your personal savings account for taxes and/or used to advertise your real estate business. This idea is a must for keeping your future business growing. We have simple and efficient advertising plans you may jump on board with us, or you may pursue your own advertising methods which will need to be approved by us before publicized. If you are inexperienced with marketing we highly recommend you let us help you with the right choices. Either way, advertising and saving should be done, successful sales is only accomplished through good work habits, and consistent business practices.

Average Commissions we charge sellers for the listing agent side of the commission is around 1.5%, because we charge 1% to 2% for the selling side and offer 2.5% – 3% to buyer’s agents. All together including sales where the buyer is not using a real estate agent, I would say the average commission earned on a deal is 1.8%-2%. You can do the math from here.


R e c r u i t   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t

R a i s e   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t

R e s p e c t   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t

R e t a i n   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t

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