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Talk with one of our listing Agents

A listing agent will represent you and have a fiduciary duty to work for your best interests. Our listing agents are experienced with excellent knowledge of your market and neighborhood, and proven results. We will make sure we put you in touch only with an agent that specializes in sales according to your property type and location.

Get your real estate ready to sell

Improve the appeal of your real estate by cleaning, removing clutter, and staging your real estate so a potential buyer can envision the real estate as their own. Ask us about the benefits of making repairs before selling, they may not be cost effective to even do. If you’re selling real estate where pets live, make alternate plans to avoid pets in the real estate during showings or at least be aware of their smells and messes.

Research how much your real estate is worth

A seller’s biggest mistake is to overprice. To increase activity and interest in your real estate it’s important to price your real estate in line with sold real estate in the area, a comparative market analysis is useful. Be realistic if your market is hot, cold, or neutral and price accordingly. We always suggest you take 5 minutes pretending you’re a buyer and look  at similar places which are currently listed for in your neighborhood. (Be a 5 minute buyer here, map zoom into your area) We will provide you with a professional comparative market analysis (CMA) for pricing your real estate. The ideal sale is to price it right and be in a position to turn down offers too low instead of not seeing any offers at all.

Marketing your real estate

We will effectively and professionally market your real estate in the MLS, and across various networks to gain maximum visibility online and offline. In today’s economy most real estate buyers first research real estate online. We ensure your real estate can be found by potential buyers and is well presented. Remember the greater the number of potential buyers which see it’s available, the higher your chances will be of finding the right buyer, who will pay the most.

Offers, appraisals, inspections, disclosures, contracts and closings

We will present all offers, assist with necessary appraisals, inspections, disclosures, and closing paperwork entirely through to the close of escrow. Site back, and relax. We’re going to make this easy.

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