Sell with a REALTOR, selling with a REALTOR, discount realtorSell your house with us because we are professional Texas REALTORS®, selling real estate is our expertise, and we discount your commissions. 🙂

Here are the reasons to pick us as your REALTORS.

BUYERS have confidence in REALTORS®, the majority of BUYERS search with REALTORS®. 

  1. REALTORS showcase your property on the most powerful online search for real estate, the MLS.

  2. REALTORS provide an objective market analysis producing an accurate suggested list price.

  3. REALTORS provide expert market preparation, helping others first impression and your bottom line.

  4. REALTORS have broad-based exposure, including valid agent and customer email data bases’. Established Marketing outlets are imperative in sales.

  5. REALTORS have buyers waiting for us to put your property in front of them.

  6. REALTORS have more constant exposure in the industry; this is our full time job.

  7. REALTORS use effective ads and signs.

  8. REALTORS are experienced solution Sellers. If there is a will, we’ll find the way!

  9. REALTORS have an aggressive banner ad campaign through related real estate searched web sites.

  10. …REALTORS find emotionally qualified buyers.

  11. REALTORS find financially qualified buyers and stay on top of any lender issues.

  12. REALTORS provide Knowledge of City permitting, inspections, feasibilities and code.

  13. REALTORS offer FREE competitive construction and repair estimates, if needed.

  14. You will be less inconvenienced, allowing you to take care of your work and life.

  15. You will enjoy more security, professionalism, and confidence.

  16. REALTORS follow up effectively so we can give you feedback about your property.

  17. REALTORS ask the personal questions and find red flags, that a Seller cannot.

  18. REALTORS know how to handle impatience, stress, and any situation you can imagine, through experience and a few past night’s sleep lost.

  19. REALTORS understand your wants, needs and your main objective with your transaction.

  20. REALTORS negotiate effectively without conflict and protect your interests.

  21. REALTORS help avoid contract issues and professionally manage time sensitive contract clauses.

  22. Our REALTORS discount our commissions increasing your profit.We look forward to the conversation and the successful sale of your real estate.

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